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Riddance service

Riddance service

Riddance service

Waste and bulky items ?

You want to move but you have to sort through your belongings?

We are ready to clear your waste and bulky items so that you can move with the essentials with complete peace of mind.

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Carbodem Vite Transport is qualified for disposal of all kinds!

  •  Home appliances
  •  Small or large furniture
  •  Bedding
  •  Carpet and rugs
  •  Sports devices
  •  Mirrors and glass
  •  Iron or wooden objects
  •  kitchen utensils
  •  Accessories and decorations

All your bulky items will be taken care of by our team!
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Do not hesitate to call on Carbodem Vite Transport.

Move with us and save money without sacrificing the quality of the service

Carbodem Vite Transport offers you a complete and high quality service for your move.
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